WTB Volt Race Saddle

 WTB Volt Race Saddle

WTB Volt Race Saddle

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    The Volt is the beneficiary of years of saddle design evolution. Its sleek whale-tail allows riders to move back and tilt the pelvis forward for added leverage and drive power when it’s most important. The long broad nose offers ample support for forward migration. The Love Channel and Comfort Zone ensure unwanted pressure is minimized while you are moving around. If that isn’t enough, the Volt is sure to make your bike look better.

    WTB Volt Race Saddle Technologies:

    Comfort Zone: Featured exclusively on high-end WTB saddles, these small windows are cut-away from the base of the saddle to provide additional relief from pressure on sensitive areas. Comfort Zone is a subtle difference that provides impressive long-term comfort.
    ABR-Corners: These durable patches of material protect the corners and sides of the saddle from rips and tears.
    DNA Padding: Found on all of our high-end models, this dense padding dramatically reduces the weight of the saddle. DNA padding also features superior memory properties, which conforms to your individual anatomy.
    WTB Volt Race Saddle Specifications:

    Usage: Road & Cross Country Racing
    Rail: Cromoly
    Weight: 287g
    Details: ABR corners, Comfort Zone, DNA padding, Synthetic cover
    Size: 133mm x 274mm (Narrow × Mid-length)

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