Huck Norris - Tubeless tire insert

Huck Norris - Tubeless tire insert

Huck Norris - Tubeless tire insert

Anti-Pinch-Flat Insert

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    Huck Norris comes in three sizes. Choose yours by the internal rim width. All Huck Norris sets are sold in pairs, and are delivered with a Face Kick Fender.

    Size S: 21-26mm internal rim width

    Size M: 26-35mm internal rim width

    Size L: 34-45mm internal rim width

    Huck Norris is delivered in 29″ length. To get 27.5″ version you just cut it shorter. There are marks where to cut. Can also be cut to suit 26″ tires. It is the same product for all wheel sizes.

    Huck Norris - Puncture prevention Ninja

    Huck Norris is the fellow inside your tire to fight off the Bruce Leaks. It also scares off the Snake Bites and Nasty Dents. It’s your buddy to inflate the tubeless tires to give extra kick to the tire when you want to punch it to your rims.

    With Huck Norris the rocks gets the punctures when you ride!

    • No more punctures in tubeless MTB setup
    • No more nasty dents to your rims
    • No more hassle with tubeless setup
    • No modification to your rim or glue needed
    • No need for compressor to install tubeless anymore
    • No need to over inflate the tires to avoid punctures. Use the pressure you want!
    • No more downhill tyres on trail bikes

    More fun with tubeless MTB!

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    WEIGHT 0.3 kg
    DIMENSIONS 10 x 20 x 30 cm

    S, M, L

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