Production Privee - SHAN GT 935 29"/27.5"+

Production Privee - SHAN GT 935  29"/27.5"+

Production Privee - SHAN GT 935 29"/27.5"+

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    SHAN GT. 

    The SHAN GT is our brand new 29” hardtail frame, compatible with 650+ tires. A Mountain bike capable of high speed riding and long-distance riding in both comfort and style.

    SHAN GT Frame: 699€
    SHAN GT Frame kit: 769€ (including Headset and rear axle)
    SHAN GT Frame kit + SPANK OOZY Wheels: 1299€ (including frame kit and OOZY 345 29" or OOZY 395+ 650B+ wheels)

    Pre-order now and get a free PP T-shirt. Delivery 1st December frames. Limited qty, Size Small sold out already, next availability March 2017.

    SHAN GT is a 29" frame for 140mm to 120mm travel fork. Maximum tires width up to 2,5". SHAN GT is also compatible with 650B+ wheels, with 160mm travel fork. Tires up to 2.8" wide.

    SHAN GT is able to ride every where, in every place in both comfort and style. A bike always ready for long riding day, Enduro, Trail, bike park, bike trip, always with performance, comfort and safety. That's why this new frame is a Grand tourer, that’s why this frame well deserved its name: The SHAN GT. Paint Schemes are fully inspired from GT cars and racing cars from 1970-1980. Here from the Porsche 935 K3 from Garretson team, racing le Mans in 1982.

    SHAN  GT is a steel frame, the only material offering: comfort, grip, reactivity and strenght. We used our own tube set called MCS, already approved on SHAN 27, in cromo 4130 triple butted, heat treated and produced in Japan. A special yoke called KTP+ allows to keep short chainstay, maximum rear tire clearance, better pedaling efficiency and more grip and comfort at the rear end.

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