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Custom built bikes

Our goal

Here at Mad Elk Cycles., we are proud in our unique custom bike builds. We know what means customizing your bikes bought from the box. It doesn't always come with the right parts suitable your riding style or discipline. This is when we are coming on board to work with you and creating the perfect bike that fits your needs. There are no limits at customizing even every single component can have touch of your fantasy

The best out of our brands

As mountain biking enthusiasts by our-selves we understand what weight, look, reliability, prestige and price mean to you. We deal with it every day how to build perfect bike. We choose our brands carefully based on our experience, offering you the best components. We have fairly wide range of components offering not only Shimano or SRAM, Mavic, etc but we have searched carefully for brands you never heard about like Schmolke Carbon or Alchemist. They are tested how they work and all you find in our shop is rider proven.

Are Looking for a DH bike ? Beget is your limit, without problem, we find the right combination of components that will set you on the ride. Our very helpful staff who are more than happy to share their tricks and skills to give you the best. To create a bike that meets your riding and budget demands is our playground. Looking for a part we don't have in our selection? Just give us a shout and we'll do our best to get it for you.

Assembling your bike

The last step at your custom build is actual building it, and it is just as important as any other part of custom bike process. Our trained mechanics will do their job at highest standard. They make sure that your new bike is working absolutely top notch. The price we giving you is in fact for the parts and the labour put in building process is grant to you from the moment when you walked in store or sent us an email request until the shipping or collection. All our bikes are packed and shipped with couriers. Door to door service. When it comes to packing we letting parcel go when we are sure the bike is well secured and ready to ride when it arrives to its new home.

Get started building!

Our custom mountain bike builder form is very easy to use. Using form below is very simple, fill out the each block. Starting with frame and fork with colour and size through all way down. If you don't know what's the best for particular part just leave it blank and we make you suggestion in returning email with full custom build quote. Any other notes please put in add comments box, hitting the submit button we will then generate a quote and email it back to you. If there is any issues with compatibility, we let you know and offer alternatives. We will also give you suggestions if we see a way to improve your build without altering the budget.

Custom builder