BOS Idylle FCV37

BOS Idylle FCV37

BOS Idylle FCV37

27.5 or 650b DH fork

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    The new BOS Idylle FCV37 is a pure factory fork, featuring the latest techology from BOS, which stands for Frequency Control Valve, is the latest patented innovation from the engineers at BOS.

    The FCV is a smart system able to recognize if the compression is coming from the rider’s effort applied to the bars

    or an impact to the wheel. The Frequency Control Valve makes the distinction between the two, at the same time

    the FCV will filter a wider range of shock coming to the fork.

    Noticable Effects Expected From The FCV :

    -A buttery feeling

    -Reduction of hands and arm fatigue

    -Better absorption of square hit

    -Reduces the risk of pinch flatting and rim’s denting

    -More comfort on braking bumps

    -Less nose diving


    - BOS Biodegradable oil developed by BOS
    - Travel : 208mm 
    - Wheels : 27.5'' 
    - Weight : 2680g
    - Color : Black (Straight Steerer)
    - Axle : 20mm 
    - Stanchions : 37mm 
    - Axle to crown lenght : 586mm 
    - Total offset : 56mm

    FCV is a technology that BOS has been using in various motorsport category of the past few years. Mostnotably in the offroad category (Rally Raid, Rally Cross, Sprint Car and Motocross) most notably in the Dakar on Carlos Sainz’ SMG-Redbull car.


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