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Carbon fibres and the products made of them are characterised by outstanding strength and stiffness while being extremely lightweight at the same time. Carbon fibres are also remarkable for their „anisotropy”. So what does that mean? Metals for example withstand loads regardless of their direction. This property qualifies them for „isotropy". In contrast to that plastics reinforced with carbon fibres survive loads in the direction of the fibres much better than loads perpendicular to the strands’ direction. They excel when it comes to tensile loads, for pressure loads they are not that good. This variation of characteristics is called „anisotropy”.
The material’s anisotropic nature can be used to advantage though. If one analyses the loads prevalent in a specific situation it is possible to lay the fibres only in the directions where they are actually required, thus saving both material and weight. This requires a thorough and deep understanding of loads and tensions a particular part has to withstand, and a fibre layout taking these factors into account. Years of experience with the construction and the manufacturing of carbon fibre parts are simply indispensable when it comes to making parts, which benchmark quality and performance in their field.