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Rock Shox Reverb & Reverb Stealth Seatpost


Mad Elk Cycles seat post servicing includes all new oil, internal & dynamic seals and post keys as necessary. Please note we offer 2 type of services basic and Complete

Basic service - includes cleaning, replacing O-rings and hardware at Lower seal head, Upper /Inner seal head, Top cup/ dust seal, Upper/ Inner Seal head (service kit Manufacture number 11.6815.031.000 ) - €69

Complete service -  includes cleaning, replacing O-rings and hardware - Top cup/ dust seal, Hose barb, Inner seal head, Bleed screvs, Main piston poppet, Air, Post keys, Upper / Inner seal head, Lower seal head ( service kit Manufacture number 11.6818.022.020 )   -  €99

- a technician will always call and discuss options if you need additional parts that fall outside a  service. for example if the slide bushing inside the collar is demagged then it has to be replaced at cost of  €49.99  Click here if you wish to buy it individualy