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Junior & Kids bikes
High-end bikes for children as for adults.  Junior range will accompany your child from the age of 2 throughout all stages of their growth with 12'', 14'', 16'', 20 ‘' and 24’' versions! These bikes are designed to be playful yet solid or in other words, they are ideal to start mountain biking on and also enable their first off-the-beaten-path experiences!  Junior version and more models in 20 and 24 inch sizes. Here we have a well built frame for adults already (META HT) and a build kit that has had care and attention. It's high-end and equipped to ride like a true mountain bike. We’re talking a pure mountain bike, that is of course an enduro bike which really climbs and descends! models designed for downhill, excel in the bike park and to use on any terrain. Dual suspension is featured on all models and is fully thought through for their small frames... It's never too early to take on Rémi Thirion! This year's big change is the transmission for the 24'’ and the JR. It comes int he form of SRAM 1x11 and therefore is suitable for enduro days. A definite plus!