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Mountain bikes

Cross Country bikes have won World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Medals. Find out what makes these race machines the most sought after by athletes worldwide. Trail bikes were designed to get you up mountains, down mountains, to cover long distances, and to make you feel like a hero the entire time. Time to explore. If MTB stage racing is your thing, then look no further than these Enduro Focussed rigs. Climb up, race down. Downhill World Cup tracks or across Utah desert canyons, these bikes were designed for those who dare to be bold. Want to get out for a ride? Our Sport line of bikes will help you get the motivation to get tires on dirt! E-Bikes take our existing MTB platforms, and give them a little boost. Climb higher, explore further, ride longer! Women's MTB models feature rigs that were designed for the ladies out there who enjoy being out on the trails. Good times, great rides!