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Bicycle Wheel building
Custom building wheels is one of our specialties and we can handle any requests. We keep a good selection of hubs, rims and spokes in-stock, and can obtain practically any wheel parts to order.
Mad Elk Cycles has some of the most highly skilled wheel builders, and builds the finest wheels in the Ireland and UK. We ship to customers throughout the world. All of our hand built wheels come with a 3 month money-back guarantee*.
Stefan has been building wheels for top racing cyclists and around the world tours for over 5 years. Our high wheel building standards are wholly consitent. No wheel building job, however specialist, is beyond our means or experience.
The cost to build each wheel runs from 25 €, and spokes generally cost 25 € - 60 € per wheel.
We also keep a wide range of bearing balls and cartridge bearings in stock, and have specialist cartridge removal tools and presses. We can service your hubs quickly and without the damage to sensitive bearings that can result from incorrect fitting.
 Wheels can be trued on site. The labour charge depends on how long the repair takes but on most occasions costs from 15 € upto 30 €.
What about Pre-Built Wheels?
Pre-built wheels are becoming ever more popular with riders due to their strength, design and high performance.
Mad Elk Cycles carries stocks of pre-built wheels, the choices are extensive. If you require further assistance or advice, please feel free to ring us at any time on +353 1 4434798
*This guarantee is for the quality of our wheel building, all parts must have been supplied by Mad Elk Cycles and must be new, not used. This guarantee excludes issues due to constituent components, i.e. spokes, rims and hubs and covers the labour cost only.